Sunday, 5 January 2020

Ambar Campaign - second session

And why NOT reuse a bit of wargames scenery :D
(Hey, I'm a computer scientist, I count from zero :D)

I was all set and kind of planned for Saturday's session until a shipping notice from eBay told me that the Reaper figures I'd ordered weren't going to arrive in time. So that fun little encounter was put off till next time, which handily means less prep. This time, though, I had to write a few notes, and design another more major encounter in case they got that far. Amusingly, I spent almost as much time realising I'd now come up with enough of the Tarani language (borrowing words from Hindi and Urdu) that I needed to write myself some notes on the language structure. As yet, none of them speak the language, but there are some interesting subtleties waiting for them when they do.

As you may recall, we left our heroes debating what to do with the bad guys - namely, hand them over to the watch, as their priestess, C, gets on with the local watch (she heals them, they like her). After some scratching of heads and figuring out how to read a paper left in a language none of them speak (see above, but B has Comprehend Languages), they headed for the marked lodgings out by the Eastgate, cased the joint a bit. spoke to the owner, decided to wait...

And back came the three bad guys they'd handed over to the nice but dim watch, having been let go on... someone's orders. Clearly of a mind to collect their stuff and bug out. The party were of a different mind, needless to say. Upshot, three dead cultists, some language help from the landlady who was half-Tarani, and a couple of bits of paper.

One was a credit note (clearly for emergency funds) on a Tarani merchant in Ambar - yes, Ambar appears to have invented banknotes, which I had great fun with: "It is as good as money! A credit note on Master Bishen is better than gold!" The other was another map, which they went to investigate the location of. This turned out to be a ruined, rumoured haunted temple on a cliff-top: as they approached, half a dozen skeletons arose to engage them...

Whew. That was possibly a bit close to a TPK. Admittedly, C as the only person with healing was perhaps unwise to wade into combat, but some good dice rolling from the skellies did drop C, B and A, the party tank to zero. Fortunately the remainder of the party managed to pull things together, aided by the ranger K grabbing A's warhammer (ooo, look, bludgeoning damage!) and laying about her with it.

Thoughts arising:

  • I do need to mount the spare TV on the game room wall. I want to do it anyway, so I can watch what I'm doing when streaming wargames, but it would have been great to be able to toss portions of the city map up on it, or even initiative displays. 
  • I need to figure out how I'm awarding XP.

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